Our Some Activities


Progress Report


  • New domain gained:


  • Trend Keywords were investigated by searching to deploy in social media posts.
  • Operating plan was reviewed with the purpose of organizing actions due to the consultants’ advice.




  • In order to more functionality, the software developed to Phython.
  • Human data set was gathered to train the program.
  • Software was trained with human data.



  • Reported online courses that were completed by team members due to better marketing, customer service,… and announced in the Linkedin page.



  • Data set gathered to train the program
  • Got the connection with a relevant institute to get pet data.



  • Website customized to be user-friendly.
  • Appearance of the website was improved.
  • Software interface was improved.
  • Some bugs of software that were recognized, were fixed by the developer team.
  • The necessity of updating the business plan was checked out.
  • The software improving to Phyton was investigated.
  • New developer was hired due to implementation of improve software and develop the final product.



  • Some confident developers resume was checked out in order to hiring the best team to develop the final product.




  • White paper was established on the website to instruct different audiences such as vets, pet owners and radiologists, So they can get the most from the site.
  • Social media followers were analyzed. Most of them are specialists in vet field like radiologists, vets,….



  • The professional white paper was provided on website.
  • The simplified white paper was displayed on linkedin page.
  • Target market was investigated due to gain  target followers.
  • Pet owners’ associations in all around the world were checked out, So making    connection is possible.
  • Emails send to universities and vet research centers of Canada due to making connection and gathering pet data to train the program.



  • Samples of white papers were studied and the company’s white paper was finalized.
  • Digital marketing strategy was checked out and decided to improve the SEO of site and social media pages.
  • The negative effect of Covid-19 on our program was investigated. 
  • Emails were sent  to Guelph and Saskatchwan due to making connection and getting to pet data of Canada.




  • Competitors were investigated again, since there is not any direct competitor the competitive advantages were confirmed