Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine: Is It Possible?

The latest technological advances in veterinary medicine confirm that we are experiencing a seismic shift in the sector. The emergence of new devices, such as wearables, digital radiographs, or improvements in diagnostic imaging offer professionals great support in improving veterinary diagnoses.
However, an even greater change is on the horizon, led by artificial intelligence. This is already applied in many aspects of our lives (such as social media or search engines), but what effects will artificial intelligence have on veterinary medicine? Is it possible that it’s already being used?


September 2, 2022

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January 1, 2022


Board Meeting with Advisor

SightVet’s Board meeting with Advisor and Developer team has been hold online on Whatsapp in February 16, 2022.

In this meeting discussed about review business plane, new potential competitors and develop website.

AI is a valuable tool that can help veterinarians do their jobs with greater speed and precision, freeing them up to focus on complex tasks and concentrate on patient welfare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fairly new to the animal health sector. Over the past decade, however, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs have begun to introduce machine learning and AI into veterinary health, with groundbreaking results.

AI is not always welcomed with open arms when it appears in an industry. People often have concerns. They worry that artificial intelligence will replace humans and remove jobs. However, this is not the case in veterinary science. When it comes to diagnosing and treating diseases in animals, nothing can replace the expertise of a good veterinarian. AI is a valuable, advanced tool that can help veterinarians do their jobs with greater speed and precision, freeing them up to focus on complex tasks and concentrate on the welfare of their patients.

February 2, 2022

Board Meeting

SightVet’s Board meeting with MTA mentor and Global Startups Company as developer has been hold online on Skype in June 11, 2020.

In this meeting discussed about the SightVet project in developing process, objectives and road-map.

All SightVet’s board members, Mr. James Schellenberg as MTA mentor and Mr. Hossein Tootoonchy as CEO of Global Startups Company presented in.

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This webinar has been hold by Quality Smart Solutions in collaboration with Global Startups Inc.on march 25th, 2021. In this webinar enormous helpful information have delivered by Quality Smart Solutions. Mr. Mehran Damavandi Kamali as representative of SightVet’s boards has been attended in. SightVet’s members are so appreciated of Mr. Hossein Tootoonchy as representative of Global Startups Inc. for hosting and Quality Smart Solutions for presenting this informative and helpful webinar.

Developing of SightVet’s Project

Online Voice Call Meeting on Skype on September 13, 2021
SightVet’s Board and Developer Team in regard to improve SightVet’s Web-Application.


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